Here’s a Delightfully Sketchy Candidate for the U.S. Senate

Friends and fellow Vermonters, cast your eye on a man who would replace Pat Leahy in Washington, D.C. No, it’s not Senator-In-Waiting Peter Welch, who is certain to win as long as he is still drawing breath come Election Day.

This, folks, is Kerry Patrick Raheb, independent Senate candidate, political conspiratorialist of the first water, wannabe cannabis entrepeneur, and shady investment advisor who has left a string of lawsuits in his wake. The flattering photo above is from his campaign website. (A DuckDuckGo image search turned up precisely one photo of Raheb from independent sources. Dude keeps a low profile.)

Raheb is one of the most colorful characters to grace our ballots in recent memory. He’s not quite Brock Pierce-level, but he’s not far off either.

His campaign website has the garish design sense of mid-period AngelFire. Cheesy graphics, eye-watering color combos, and even a countdown clock!!! (Counting the days, hours and seconds till Election Day.) I haven’t seen one of those in years. All that’s missing is an 8-bit version of “God Bless America” on autoplay.

Raheb’s sense of humor is reflected on a page called “Belches Corner,” a clever reference to Peter, um, Belch. Raheb’s fine grasp of policy can be seen in a passage on American energy independence. He says we’d achieved it under “the prior administration,” but that damn Joe Biden wiped it all out with an executive order canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.

You know, that pipeline meant to import Canadian oil into the States.

Well, he probably thinks of Canada as effectively a subsidiary of the U.S.A. so I guess its oil counts as domestic?

Raheb calls Welch, er, Belch, “a hypocritical anti-American” and adds that “Americans have had enough of the selfish anti-American Democrat machine that is dividing and destroying America and all in under a year.”

Yeah, he says “America” a lot, just in case you didn’t grasp his allegiance.

Now we get to the residency puzzle. Raheb’s campaign website lists an address in Shelburne, but it’s not at all clear that the guy actually lives in Vermont. The address, 45 Pine Haven Shores Rd #1000A, is also the listed address for a number of limited liability companies in seemingly unrelated fields. It’s also, more to the point, the listed address for Registered Agents, Inc., which is in the very specific field of serving as the registered agent for any LLC that pays the requisite fee.

A registered agent, per LegalZoom, is “an individual or entity which has been designated by the LLC to receive service of process notices, government correspondence and compliance-related documents on behalf of the LLC.” Or, to put it unkindly, to act as a front for an entity that doesn’t want to reveal much about itself. You may be more familiar with the term “shell company.”

Here’s a real rabbit hole for you. Registered Agents, Inc.’s registered agent is Northwest Registered Agent LLC, and Northwest Registered Agent LLC’s registered agent is Registered Agents, Inc. Is the room spinning or is it me?

Anyway, the point is that 45 Pine Haven Shores Rd #1000A is an address of convenience for a bunch of LLCs and registered agents for LLCs located elsewhere. It could also be Raheb’s home, but I’m dubious.

Another reason to question Raheb’s residency is that he has never made the tiniest impression in Vermont’s news ecosystem. He did appear in recent stories to our south concerning his proposal to open a cannabis dispensary in Adams, MA. He is described as the owner of Indica LLC, which would operate the store. There are Indica LLCs registered in several states; I’d assume they’re all connected, but who knows. Raheb’s name only appears in the Massachusetts registration.

There’s no sign that Raheb has tried to open a dispensary in Vermont. Which may be for the best, since the guy seems to have quite the checkered past. Well, I can’t swear it’s the same guy, but The Google tells us that “Kerry Patrick Raheb” is a former investment broker with a history of job-hopping and complaints from ex-clients. Now, “Kerry Patrick Raheb” isn’t the commonest of names, and neither is Kerry Raheb, nor is Raheb plain and simple, so it seems likely that this is the same person. Let’s see what kind of character this ex-broker is, anyway.

Raheb gets a writeup on websites of several law firms that specialize in representing investors seeking to recoup losses. The firms maintain Rogues’ Galleries of questionable brokers. Juicy details:

Raheb used to be a broker on Long Island, New York. Between 1995 and 2017, according to the Giuliano Law Firm, Raheb was associated with “fifteen different broker dealers, thirteen of which have been expelled by securities regulators for violation of federal securities laws or are otherwise defunct.” (Emphasis theirs.)

Another law firm describes his career thusly: “Raheb moves from troubled firm to troubled firm. The pattern of brokers moving in this way is sometimes called ‘cockroaching’ within the industry.”

His most recent employer, Joseph Stone Capital LLC, is described by the law firm of Iorio Altamirano as a “boiler room,” i.e. “an outbound call center that sells questionable investments through unfair, dishonest, and high-pressure sales tactics.” Not only has Stone frequently run afoul of securities regulators, it has a propensity for hiring brokers who are sketchy at best. Iorio found that 76% of Stone’s brokers had serious red flags in their records.

Raheb has been the subject of at least four different investor claims that they lost money after he talked them into bad investments. A 2001 claim resulted in payment of $22,500 in damages. Another claim was filed in 2011, and two more in 2014. Giuliano does not report the outcome of the latter three cases.

The good folks of Adams, Massachusetts might want to run a background check before they welcome Mr. Raheb into their community.

I’d worry about the prospect that we’d send this guy to Congress, except that there’s exactly zero chance of that happening. Given that, it seems safe to step back and marvel at the chutzpah. It’s a hell of a lot more fun than writing about Cris Ericson.


9 thoughts on “Here’s a Delightfully Sketchy Candidate for the U.S. Senate

  1. Washburn Cummings

    This guy is indeed sketchy, I’m so glad someone has finally done a writeup. Even putting aside his vaccine conspiracies and ultranationalism, he still makes Marjorie Taylor Greene look like Mother Teresa; he sued Dr. Fauci in his personal capacity in Maryland and has asked people on his twitter to do the same (nice use of taxpayer-funded resources by a US Senate candidate!).

    I know about him because of connections at the Bennington police department–all public information for anyone who wants to file records requests. Raheb does indeed live in Vermont, although he just moved to Bennington recently. You are correct that the Shelburne address is just a front, it’s a blank office space used for mail forwarding. Why? Well, Raheb left NY and had major issues with neighbors there. He has borderline/narcissistic tendencies and is super paranoid about people knowing where he is, and loses his s*** whenever he’s spoken to in a way that he deems disrespectful. It’s unclear if he left NY because of the neighbor issues, because the “Kerry Patrick Raheb” investor with the SEC regulatory filings and lawsuits is 100% him. He was also arrested in the early 90s for stealing his girlfriend’s pocketbook. The guy also really likes guns, hence police involvement since he moved here. He had (or possibly has) an active investigation involving his CURRENT neighbors because he likes to fire military-grade weapons in his backyard super close to other people’s homes (this is all completely true, ask anyone who lives on the West End of Bennington). Maybe he moved to VT because of the difference in gun legislation?

    I don’t think the Indica LLC of MA is associated with the other Indica LLCs, I think his jump into the cannabis business is relatively new.

    He’s married to this lady who he calls his “wife,” but they never actually got married–rumor has it he has a lot of money so doesn’t want to marry in the event they needed to divorce. But I think he still claims “married” status to the IRS. This part I cannot confirm 100%, but definitely something the feds should look into if true.

    On a more humorous note, you’ll notice that every photo of him that he takes is either from below the chin, or he has a hoodie up. Apparently super self-conscious about hair loss.

    1. Sal

      I know him better then all of you… I lived with him for three years at three different residents plus worked with him for at least ten years at my Uncles “wolf of wall st” firm if anyone wants the truth contact me.

  2. P.

    Washburn–Thank you for the write up. With Vermont there is still a good chance somebody is going to know the little secrets. I think running for Senate could get this guy some attention he may not want (taxes, possible felon in possession of firearms, are those firearms legal, and general prying/ disrespect). Pease keep us informed in a safe and legal manner.
    He made the choice to run for public office, that means he wants to work for us, which means we have the right to verify his qualifications. He doesn’t want us looking, he can go back to being a private citizen.
    I would love to see Vermont sign into law a 5- 10 year tax record disclosure requirement.

    1. tom raheb

      I agree I’m his brother he embezzled money from my mother didn’t go to her funeral he’s a Criminal so good luck with him his loving brother.

  3. B Carr

    “political conspiratorialist of the first water”

    Fine piece of writing. But I do think you meant “of the first order”

    1. Marsharon

      I agree with you that this is a fine piece of writing, while packing a lot of information in. However, “first water” is correct. “In the gemstone trade, first water means ‘highest quality’. The clarity of diamonds is assessed by their translucence; the more like water, the higher the quality.” — Wikipedia. Unfortunately, over the years, as more people didn’t know the phrase, they assumed it was “first order”, and that has come into much more common use. As a professional editor, I notice these things.

  4. Lee Godfrey

    It may be just a coincidence, but there was a family with the last name Raheb in Washington Township NJ. In the 1970s their house was raided and a major drug bust occurred there. There were many children in that household, at least a half dozen. Several were arrested that day. They were the main source of drugs and vandalism/destruction in the town. They were forced out of NJ after that raid and moved to upstate New York. They were literally not allowed to be in NJ. The kids were all psychotic and violent as well as criminals and drug dealers/addicts. If he is from that same family, he has a brother John that was in my grade and was born in 1962.

    1. Michael Estephan

      No kidding… so if you check out this obituary of Margaret Raheb, she had 6 kids including Kerry, Johnny, and Tom (Tom commented above indicating that he’s Kerry’s brother). When she passed away a few years ago, she was located in West Nyack, in upstate NY. This can’t all be a coincidence…

      It’s also a very uncommon last name, and your story would explain a lot of his emotional health issues, this being a recent example:


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