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Makin’ bagels with Captain Obvious

Last Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott put in a day behind the counter (and in the kitchen) at the Crazy Russian Girl Bakery in Bennington. It was the latest installment of his ongoing series of publicity stunts, which he calls the Vermont Jobs Tour.

But wait: it’s not just a cheap way to get yourself in the local birdcage liner. “I learn something on every single job,” he says. As an example, he finally figured out the difference between “T” and “t”.

Now we know how often he helps out around the kitchen at home.

While he was there, the distinguished occupier of Vermont’s Bucket of Warm Spit dispensed some deep thoughts about Bennington’s economic woes.

Scott said Bennington has some unique advantages which double as challenges, one being its proximity to New York and Massachusetts. The state as a whole must find a way to compete with New York, which has done a good job of promoting itself, and New Hampshire, which lacks a sales tax, Scott says.

“Would you like some boilerplate with your bagel, sir? We sliced it extra thin today.”

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Scott Walker, nutbucket

Strike another name from the list of viable Republican candidates for president. Because the Governor of Wisconsin just stepped up to the ledge of insanity and tossed himself into the abyss.

… Walker said on Sunday that a wall along the border between the United States and Canada is a “legitimate issue” to consider.

Oh my dear Lord. Cue the calliope music, Sister Sadie, we got a real Bozo on our hands.

I realize that the Republican campaign has produced more tomfoolery than The Collected Oeuvre of Benny Hill, but for me, this one takes the cake.

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