Feliciano: It’s worse than I thought

No sooner did I post my last entry, than I got some new information that  changes things for the worse. As you will recall, Republican political consultant Darcie “Hack” Johnston took to Twitter yesterday to basically accuse Scott Milne of being a druggie — or at least potentially drug-friendly — based on Milne’s youthful indiscretions from more than 30 years ago.

Feliciano’s only Twitter response was to correct a minor factual error in the Hack’s Tweets; he didn’t address her attempted sliming of Milne.

Turns out he didn’t do so on Twitter, but he did send a message to his supporters. To wit:

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.59.36 PM

Wow, there’s a real two-for-one shot. He signs onto Johnston’s vile attack, and elides the fundamental contradiction between Libertarianism and employing anti-drug panic to slam an opponent. Because after all, decriminalization is one of Libertarianism’s core principles.

Well, Dan, you’re wrong, and dangerously so. This kind of baseless attack has no business in a political campaign. If you can’t beat Scott Milne on the issues, then this kind of stuff will bring more shame to yourself and your cause than to Mr. Milne.

Also, you’re wrong about “some Vermont GOPers…trying to make this an issue.” Ask any Republican: I am not a GOPer. I am a liberal observer of the political process, and I think Johnston’s words are despicable.

Besides, it’s not Vermont GOPers making this an issue; it’s you and Darcie Johnston. Please take the honorable course, or I will have to assume that you have no honor when it comes to political ambition.


4 thoughts on “Feliciano: It’s worse than I thought

  1. Bonnie S

    re: “some Vermont GOPers…trying to make this an issue.”

    I’m pretty sure he’s talking about Sunderland making Libertarian drug policy an issue in this race, completely out of nowhere.

  2. Estella L

    Isn’t there a double standard here. You get to call Johnson a “hack” but she can’t call out a candidate on his own record…. one he himself brought up in that Burlington free press ‘National Enquirer’ -like interview/. So should we just say Scott “insert negative adjective” Milne just to be equitable.

    Secondly the Rutland Herald just reported the 27 offenders they arrested will get a break. This inconveniently surfaced the day after Sunderlands smear. I don’t know of any elected Libertarians in Rutland or did I miss that.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      Aw, a Darcie fan. How nice.

      There is no double standard because (1) I’m a blogger and she’s acting as a serious political figure, so her words have more import, (2) There’s a big difference between calling someone a hack, a derisive reflection on their professional expertise, and calling them a druggie and/or soft on drugs, and (3) I can cite plenty of evidence for Ms. Johnston’s hackery, while she cannot produce a shred of evidence to support her insinuations about Scott Milne.

      Also, as it happens, I have used a nickname with regard to Milne, so there’s no double standard there. I’ve occasionally called him “Mr. Bunny” in honor of his rabbit-reproduction anecdote delivered to a VTGOP state committee meeting, and in honor of the great 1984 film “Comfort and Joy.”

      One of the functions of my blog is to observe and report political incompetence, malfeasance, and failure. Johnston has had plenty of that. And, as it happens, I’ve spent a whole lot of time slamming Milne’s performance on the campaign trail. I’ve spread my invective wherever I believe it is warranted.

      I don’t know about the Herald report, and I’m not sure I understand your point there. But thanks for writing.


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